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Tango Overview   «
Ballroom Dancing Basics  
1. Tango Walk  
2. Corte  
3. Checked Walk  
4. Promenade  
5. Ochos  
6. Brush Tap  

Tango Mood

passionate, dramatic, intense, pathos, red, black, Argentina

Beats per bar: 2


30-33 bars per minute

Basic Count- SSQQS

Theoretically, because it has 2 beats per bar, Tango should be counted 2 beats at a time. This can be confusing however, and it is far more practical to count a phrase of 4 or even 8 beats of music at a time.

All of our Tango steps are 8 counts long, and so we will always count in groups of 8. The basic rhythm we use, which applies to almost all of our steps is: SSQQS.

Music & History

Although there are many styles of Tango music, the Tango is usually one of the easiest dances to recognize because of its sharp, staccato, moody patterns of sound. The origins of the music and dance are Argentinian, and the music is alive with the passion and intensity of those people.

The characteristic Tango sound also relies on its instruments. The bandoneon, (similar to an accordion) for example, is featured in a great deal of Tango music. Similarly the violin, bass and piano are all characteristic instruments of the Tango. When you hear them all together, flitting darting and passionate, you know it is time to get close.

Popular Tangos

  • La Cumparsita
  • Roxanne
  • Carmen

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