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Cha Cha Overview   «
Ballroom Dancing Basics  
1a. Cha Cha Basic  
1b. Turning Basic  
2. Quick Underarm Turn  
3. Shoulder to Shoulder  
4. Cross-Overs  
5. Forward & Back  
6. Chase  
7. Cha Cha Chasse  

Cha Cha Mood

flirtatious, cheeky, fun, saucy, Cuban

Beats per bar: 4


28-32 bars per minute

Basic Count - 1234&

Cha Cha music can feel fast because there are 5 steps to make in 4 beats of music. The extra step happens on the 4th beat, which means that the 4th beat is split in 2. We count "&" on this beat.

A full basic step takes place over 8 beats.

Music & History

Classic Cha Cha music evolved from a variety of Cuban rhythms and has a fun, infectious feel about it. Real Cuban Cha Cha's have a strong identity based on their instruments (Guiro, Piano, Timbale and Bongos) and rhythm.

On the other hand Cha Cha can be danced to almost any music that has 'a good beat', including most club music. Basically if the music makes you want to move, you can probably dance a Cha Cha.

Popular Cha Chas

  • Sway
  • Oye Como Va
  • Billie Jean -- Michael Jackson

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