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Wedding Dance Tips and Advice

The idea of the first dance affects people in different ways. Some people are anxious to take the floor and bask in the glow of their big moment. Others want to stay as far away from the dance floor as possible. Whether you can't stand the idea of your first dance or can't wait to get it going, being organized and prepared is the key to success. Here are a few more things to consider as you think about learning your wedding dance.


Think about your dress length before you get too carried away imagining spins and dips. If you have a long train you might be more likely to spin into a heap on the floor! Choose dance steps that are suitable to your dress. It is a really good idea to practice your dance wearing your crinoline or another dress of similar length and weight. If your dress is really long you might want to consider changing out of it for your dance, or just doing something really simple.


Again it is a good idea to practice in the shoes you will be wearing on the day. If your shoes are more slippery or sticky than you are used to, it could make a big difference. For more information about ballroom dance shoes read our article Why should I buy ballroom dance shoes.


Again it's always best to know what to expect. It is a good idea to find out in advance how big your floor will be and find a place to practice that is comparable. If your dance-floor is tiny, you don't want to have a plan that takes up a lot of space.


As with anything in life, practice and preparation are essential keys to success. The more ornate and developed your vision is, the more time you will need to make it happen. If you want an elaborate dance, it is probably a good idea to start working on it 3 or 4 months before your wedding date. Even the simplest one step dance should get a number of hours of practice if you want to feel confident, musical and at ease on your wedding day.

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Wedding Dance Tips and Advice
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