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I want to learn some Latin dance steps - Where should I start?

Q. My dance partner and I dance about 3 times a week and have always loved big band era music, Jitterbug and Swing. We have now decided we would like to learn some Latin dance steps. Do you have any suggestions for which dance we should start with?

A. Most of the Latin dances have very similar basic step patterns and combinations. All things being equal, however, we would usually recommend that students start their Latin dancing with Rumba. This is because good Rumba music is nice and slow and the basic dance steps are very simple. The slower music gives you more time to remember where your feet are going which makes it a lot easier to concentrate on things like leading, following and having a great time! Because of this Rumba is often thought of as the foundation of Latin dancing. Almost any studio that teaches all of the Latin Dances will get you started on Rumba steps very early in your learning.

That said, if you are really excited about a particular dance there is no reason why you couldn't start with that one. In general, enthusiasm is the mother of success - if you are pumped to learn to dance a good teacher should be able to make it easy no matter what dance you want to start with.

Finally, keep in mind that while each of our dance programs costs $15, we do offer our students access to all of our online dance instruction for just $50. This sometimes helps with the decision of "which dance program should we buy first".

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I want to learn some Latin dance steps - Where should I start?
posted by Dancing For Dessert on 10/03/2005 09:00:00 AM

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