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Why can't I see the videos?

There are a few different setup issues which might prevent our videos from playing properly on your computer. Usually these can be fixed quite quickly by adjusting a setting or two. If you need help beyond these instructions please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We have never found a video problem that we couldn't troubleshoot successfully.

1. Internet Security

Most of the problems our customers encounter viewing our videos are related to Internet Security settings. In fact, the default settings on Norton Internet Security block DfD instructional materials. We have found two ways of addressing this issue:

As always we are at your disposal (Contact Us) if you are not able to resolve things on your own.

2. Media Players

Our videos are configured for the most recent versions of QuickTime and Windows Media player. We strongly recommend running the latest versions of these players, as older versions may not play the videos properly. You can download the latest versions here:

Get QuickTime Get Windows Media Player

3. Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.)

Again, we recommend running the latest version of whichever browser you are using.

To our knowledge neither Microsoft nor Mozilla has released a Windows Media plug-in for the FireFox browser. This means that the Windows media videos will not play in Firefox. As an alternative you can download the IE Tab plug-in which allows you to open up an Internet Explorer tab from within the FireFox browser.

4. Connection

Online audio and video are best viewed using a High-Speed Broadband Internet connection. The quality of our videos may be compromised at a slower Dial-Up or Internet-Lite connection.

Why can't I see the videos?
posted by Brian Antonio on 9/18/2006 08:45:00 PM

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