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Salsa Steps - LA style or New York style?

Q. Are your Salsa lessons based on LA style or NY style?

A. As you know, Salsa is a worldwide phenomenon that invokes a lot of passion and dedication in its followers. And, depending where they're from, people are often passionately dedicated to a particular style of Salsa dancing. All of us at Dancing for Dessert have had the pleasure of showing off our Salsa moves in New York, Miami and LA, and have found that there are amazing dancers in all of those places (and many others as well). Furthermore the subtle variations in style and steps that do exist in the different Salsa hotbeds only contribute to a richer and more interesting Salsa culture overall.

Despite these subtle differences, however, we've found that the basics of Salsa tend to be pretty much the same wherever you dance. It's kind of like how my mother's apple pie may taste different from your mother's apple pie, but the major ingredient is still apples (or in this case, Salsa!). Salsa steps are basically the same wherever you dance - especially the most basic steps. And a good Salsa dancer who can dance one style will usually have no problems whatsoever adapting or blending in with another style.

With that in mind, our online Salsa dancing instructions don't tend to favor one style over another. Instead we teach the basics in a way that will help you become more comfortable and versatile with Salsa dance steps in general. In that spirit, we have included both of the most popular basic Salsa steps in our program. The first pattern in our syllabus is Man Left-Foot Forward and the second pattern in our syllabus is Man Left-Foot-Backward.

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Salsa Steps - LA style or New York style?
posted by Dancing For Dessert on 10/10/2005 09:00:00 AM

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