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Dancing with the Stars - Week 3 Breakdown

Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars. Conspicuous by their absence is Kenny Mayne, who was ekiminated after Week 1, and Tatum O'Neill, who was eliminated after Week 2. Now honestly I enjoyed Kenny's dedication and I would have preferred to see him continue. Tatum however did not show well last week, losing her cool in front of millions of viewers. Nobody likes a cry-baby so it comes as no surprise that she received the fewest votes.

The Dances

This week it seems they've changed the formula a little bit by allowing the dancers to choose from one of two dances:

Tango This dance, originally from Argentina, was all the rage in France before eventually finding it's way to american ballrooms. Watch for fiery agression and passion, as well as sharp, crisp, staccato movements. The Tango is truly the Dance of Lust!

Jive The Jive is a buoyant, upbeat, peppy kind of dance -- the evolution of rock and roll. Look for quick feet and a fun, playful atmosphere.

The Dancers

Jerry & Anna -- Jive Very strong opening to the show this week. Jerry Rice has really turned it up a notch! His athleticism and quick feet really show well in this dance. Lots of fun to watch, and awesome musicality. The danger with the jive is that it makes you want to dance "down", so watch that posture, Jerry! Judges' scores are accurate, though they were a little harsh with their criticism.

Giselle & Jonathan -- Tango This woman really is a contender tonight!! Her Tango is crisp, sharp, elegant and dramatic!! Watch the left hand fingers, Giselle. What a fantastic dress!! This is gonna be a tough act to beat this evening!! Apparently Carrie Ann and Bruno weren't impressed at all, even giving them a warning for using a lift. I have no idea which dance they were watching -- the ending was incredible and appropriate -- hardly a lift at all! Unfortunately this routine was scored a little lower than it should have been.

Drew & Cheryl -- Jive Boy Band is really impressing me -- what an incredible performer!! Once again he's decided to bring it this week! Very impressive footwork and even more impressive toe-heel swivels -- a difficult move to do at his level. As happens in the jive, there were a few slip-ups, but he danced through them and ended strongly!! Great connections and awesome chemistry. Brother Nick was impressed, as were the judges -- again!!

George & Edyta -- Tango This guy is Super Elegant! It would have been nice to see George hold his dance frame a little higher. I noticed one slip-up, but he recovered nicely. George's performing experience really stands out, especially in the solo parts. Although he can't match the level of athleticism shown by the other competitors, he really adds a touch of sophistication to his routines. Another heartfelt performance, though unfortunately, the dancing is going to have improve substantially if he hopes to make it to the later rounds.

Lisa & Louis -- Jive I really felt that this routine was only average -- not at all at the level that she's showed herself capable of in past weeks. Head could have been held higher through the dance, but then that's the universal flaw with this dance. The legs were a little open on the swivels -- not at all what we want to see from a lady. Again, an average performance in my opinion, though it seems the judges disagree.

Stacy & Tony -- Tango This is usually a very difficult dance for a ballet dancer to transition into, and I am quite impressed at how technically sound this performance is. Once again Stacy and Tony have opted for a more classic approach, which works extremely well for them this week. Emotion was a little even (flat), and there was a slight hiccup going into the promenade kicks, yet she pulled this one off incredibly well -- the dance of the evening once again!! Scores are a perfect reflection of Stacy's dancing this evening.

Master P & Ashley -- Jive I have to say that Ashley is really going out of her way with this guy -- I just love the matching hats!! I'm pleased to see that Master P has upped the level of effort this week -- the man actually got his groove on! Unfortunately he is still the least improved of all the contestants. There were several obvious slip-ups which really shouldn't have happened. I love how he used his hat in his routine -- Ashley is doing a great job with this difficult student, working the chorography around the man's personality. The Judges were brutally honest with him, and I can't say that I disagree.

Tia & Maksim -- Tango Tia danced what I like to call a "Hollywood Tango" with the Schwartz a few years ago in the movie True Lies -- I think she's gonna be surprised at how different it really is. Her routine has an argentinian flavour to it which really goes well with her. Awesome lines -- the throwaway oversway in particular, which is a very difficult manoevre. As has been happening consistenly with her, she is dancing adequately, but really failing to captivate. I'd like to see her commit her hips to each movement. Universal flaw alert -- she's dropping her head in promenade position. A tiny slip-up on the fallaway reverse, but good recovery -- another average performance, but apparently the judges disagree, awarding Tia the third highest score of the evening.

Everybody has grown so much in experience and confidence, and a lot of them really brought it this week. As a result I find myself critiquing harder. Funny how the 1st place dancer from week 1, Drew, and the 1st place dancer from week 2, Stacy, are now tied for first place for week 3! I hated to see Giselle down in the bottom two, as I felt she should really have come ahead of Tia.

Well that's it for Week 3 -- as usual I welcome your comments and feedback! Until next week!

~Brian Antonio

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Dancing with the Stars - Week 3 Breakdown
posted by Brian Antonio on 1/19/2006 10:19:00 PM

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