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Dancing with the Stars - Week 4 Breakdown

Week 4

Get set for Round 4 of Dancing with the Stars. Last week saw Giselle get eliminated. It really is a shame because the quality of Giselle's dancing pretty well guaranteed that we'd be seeing her in the later rounds. It would seem though that the voting aspect of Dancing with the Stars has managed to save some of the less deserving contestants for yet another week.

As the competition moves further along, many of the celebrities have really stepped up their game so unfortunately I too must up my game and get a little more detailed in my critiques.

The Dances

Fox Trot This is perhaps one of, if not the hardest dance in the ballroom division. It requires a degree of control that challenges even the most seasoned dancer. Look for a jazzy, finger-snapping, toe-tapping ambience combined with a smooth elegant presentation.

Paso Doble This dance is one of the few that is considered to be the man's dance. The Paso Doble focuses on the relationship between the Matador (the man) and his Cape (the woman). Look for a strong agressive stance from the man as he skillfully uses his cape to avoid the bull. This is one of only two latin dances that travel around the dance floor.

The Dancers

George & Edyta -- Paso Doble George really brought out the personality of the matador -- wonderful personality and once again very elegant. Once again attention to George's shortcomings were skillfully deflected as this couple opted for many open-position type of movements. George is a powerful actor and this skill allowed him to show the strong male character -- a very good performance, though once again more style than substance. Judges scores were reasonable.

Tia & Maksim -- Fox Trot Unfortunately Tia experienced some major slip-ups in the beginning which really threw off the rest of the dance. As skilled as Tia is normally with the performance aspect, she fell a little short this week as the overall performance was quite flat -- certainly not enough to overshadow the hiccups in the choreography. It would seem though that the judges have a different opinion and were quite generous with their scores

Master P & Ashley -- Paso Doble Well I have to admit that P is definitely showing improvement in effort and result as the weeks go by. Unfortunately the level of dancing is still far behind where it should be. If ever there was an underdog this guy is it, and people usually love cheering for the underdog. This is the only theory I can postulate as to why this guy is still here! Bruno is especially hilarious in his critique, going so far as to tell the audience to shut up -- twice. Definitely P's best performance by far, but still needs to do a lot of catching up. The judge's scores were quite low, but harshly accurate.

Stacy & Tony -- Fox Trot Stacy is absolutely radiant on the dance floor -- what an elegant dancer! Awesome lines as usual -- another first-rate performance. Next I'd like to see Stacy reach and stretch each movement a little more -- especially the chasses. This will serve to keep her timing from looking a little rushed and add more texture to her dancing by allowing her to be more explosive when necessary. Remember -- Quick isn't fast, it's half a Slow. The judges give her the highest mark of the night thus far -- and deservedly so.

Drew & Cheryl -- Paso Doble This one was another good performance from Drew, though I felt it was a little stiff at times. One might argue that this is part of the character of the dance, but then that's the challenge in dance -- making it look strong while still keeping it soft and supple. Drew's poise is slightly off due to his head dropping (or his shoulders coming up). Very energetic and exciting dance -- the Thriller piece really went over well! I wouldn't have placed him above Stacy, but then I'm not judging, am I! The judges loved it and scored him quite generously.

Jerry & Anna -- Fox Trot You can really tell that this guy wants to win bad! A spectacular effort by jerry Rice this week. This dance is not easy but he pulled it off well! What a gentleman! He looks a little uncomfortable in closed position -- likely he's afraid of stepping on his partner. Don't worry Jerry -- Anna knows how to get out of your way! Posture was good for the most part, though I would like to see him drive his movements more through his hips rather than leaving them behind. The judge's scores were quite well-deserved!

Lisa & Louis -- Paso Doble This dance for me was really Lisa's best performance for the entire competition thus far! The faster dances seem to suit her well! What an excellent blend of energy, technique, partnership and performance! I still wish she would close her legs in some of her lines, but everything else has really come along! I stand here in awe at the improvement that this lady has seen! This performance actually ties her for second place!

Well this concludes Round 4 of Dancing with the Stars. Master P is last once again though I would have placed George over Tia. I have to really shout out to Ashley for getting him through all that you have! Keep it up girl! Next week the format changes again as our contestants will be performing two dances each. Should make for an inneresting show!!

As usual I welcome your comments! See'ya next week!

~Brian Antonio

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Dancing with the Stars - Week 4 Breakdown
posted by Brian Antonio on 1/27/2006 01:17:00 AM

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